Problem Statement


  • The manual land robot is placed at the start position.
  • The robot has to pass  through a trough and has to successfully climb up the incline that lies straight ahead.
  • Up the incline lies the first part of the arena. The robot's primary task (compulsory) is to get hold of one POKE-BLOCK (out of total two) from each of the four platforms and to place them in their corresponding holes. The platform will be stationed at the four corners of the run area. 
  • Another POKE-BLOCK lies at the center of the run area on a tower of a relatively greater height. Placing this block in its respective holes (not compulsory) would result in a bonus score.
  • To enter into the next part of the arena, the robot has to crawl down a steep incline.
  • The second part of the arena consists of a hanging POKE-BLOCK, that will be swinging in a perpendicular motion. Mechanism of the hanging POKE-BLOCK : A sensor will be stationed on the ground. Activating the sensor will stop the swinging of the block. If the sensor is deactivated, the block will start swinging again.
  • The secondary task of the robot (not compulsory) is to stop the swinging of the block, to get hold of the block and to place the block in its corresponding hole.
  • Further into the arena lies a run area covered with pebbles. The robot has to travel over the pebbles, get hold of the POKE-BLOCK that lies in that run area and places it in its corresponding hole. Getting hold of this block is not compulsory.
  • The last part of the arena consists of an exit bridge. The path across consists of a gap, which to be covered with the sensor activated bridge. Mechanism of the exit bridge : A sensor will be placed at the entry of the bridge. When the sensor is activated, the bridge will move horizontally towards the robot, covering the gap. Deactivating the sensor will result in the reverse movement of the bridge.
  • The bot has to activate the bridge and cover the gap completely so that the bot can successfully move out of the arena.
  • Failing to pass through the bridge will result in negative points to the team. 



Arena View-1

Arena view-2

Arena view-3

Top view

General Rules

1.Teams need to be present during the spot registration.
2. A maximum number of participants allowed per team: 4 people.
3. The participants will be provided with 220 Volts, 50 Hz standard AC supply.
4. Participants will have to themselves arrange for any other power supply required for their robot.
5. LEGO kits are not allowed.
6. Any damage to the arena results in elimination.
7. The decision of the Team Robodarshan will be final and binding. The rules are subject to change.



BOT Dimension : 30*25*25 with 3cm tolerance

Block size : 5*5*5 cm

Dimension of Trough : 60*40 cm

Length of Incline : 70 cm

Dimension of Run Area : 150*200 cm

Height of Tower : 30 cm

Height of Platform : 15 cm

Dimension of Movable Bridge : 30*100 cm


NIKUNJ AGARWAL : 9831965792
SHANTANU ANAND : 8537828593
DEVANG SINGH : 7890014565
RISHA : 8442805363