Game of Treasures

- Manual Robotics Event


Being Jon Snow is not easy. As the Night King keeps turning people into zombies, it falls on your shoulder to protect your citizens from harm.
Setting out on horsebacks, on this important mission, you must capture back some of them. Prove your point and bring forces together to protect entire humanity.
Each zombie is a gem in this great attempt to bridge together fighting nations. In this great treasure hunt, ensure that you can collect as many as you can and bring them back with all protection to prove your worth.

Will you be able to save all?


Build a robot capable of lifting and collecting objects on itself, cutting strained Rubber band (round 2) and traverse through a rough terrain and finish the task while racing against time.

Arena Structure and Design

The arena will contain steep incline, narrow roads and sharp turning along with treasure in different locations. 

Figure - 1

Figure - 2

Figure - 3

Figure - 4

Arena (Actual arena may sightly differ from the arena shown in the video)*

Round 1

1. Traverse through mysterious path (i.e., Sand, Gravel included) and collect hidden treasures (Colored Rectangular Blocks).

2. Bot can find and pick-up hidden treasures from any place of the arena, at any point of time i.e., there is no sequential restriction regarding treasure collection.

3. Any treasure dropped while travelling will incur negative points.

4. Some treasures may be inside cavities.

5. There will be bonus points for collecting treasure placed on a rotating table. 

Round 2

**Disclosed on spot, (No changes required except cutting mechanism) ** 

Bot Specifications

Dimension 30cm X 30cm X 30cm  
Treasure dimension 4cm X 4cm X 4cm 

General instructions

1. Maximum team size is of 4 members, who may be from different colleges.
2. Any damage to the arena will result in direct disqualification of the team.
3. Use of Lego parts is strictly prohibited.  
4. Participants will be provided with regular 220V, 50Hz standard AC power supply.
5. Participants are not allowed to touch the bot during runtime.
6. Scoring to be disclosed on day of event.


Shantanu (8537828593)
Nikunj (9931578182)        
Ranojoy (8337037467)
Dipankar (8017045664) 
** Decisions of team Robodarshan will be final and abiding in all cases.