Mano a Mano

Problem Statement

In the not so faraway future, various nations have prepared destructive weaponry and an allout battle is about to begin to prove supremacy. You are a member of an anonymous peace keeping secret organisation, which decides to stop this huge bloodshed. Being sent in as a regiment to various nations, your task is to break in the security and disarm the arsenals before this great war begins. Faced with a robotic opponent your only possible way of entering the arsenal is defeating the guard-bot with better technology.  
Can you be a hero by bringing peace to humanity? 

Bot Specifications

1. The bot should fit within a box of dimensions 2ft X 2ft X 3ft.
2. This includes all attachments on the bot. Except those required in control like pneumatic tanks and wires.

3. The bots can be wired or wireless. Wireless bots must have at least two different frequencies for transmitting and receiving.
4. Weight should lie within a range of 30kgs to 60kgs.
5. Decision of Team Robodarshan shall be final and abiding. 

Match Rules and Specifications

1. The aim is to immobilize the other bot completely, on a one-on-one duel.
2. Fill-up the letter of consent attached at the end of this file and bring it to the event.
3. Duration of each match will be 3minutes
4. There can be a maximum of two timeouts for each team, during which relocating the bot is allowed, however no changes to the bot is allowed during timeout.
5. If both bots are capable of moving after the duel, the winner shall be decided by the amount of damage incurred to the other bot.
6. Decision of Team Robodarshan shall be final and abiding. 


The Arena is closed on all sides with two openings on either side for entrance. Competition is restricted to 13ft X 13ft. The arena floor is made of plywood. 
Figure - 1

Other Specifications

Power Supply: We shall be providing regular power supply of 220V 50Hz AC. No point in the bot should have a higher voltage than 36V. We suggest you keep extra batteries charged so that on advancing round you won’t face problems.  Teams may be disqualified if they don’t show up on time. 

Weapons: Bots can have any kind of mechanical weapons including flippers, cutters, saws, magnetic weapons, lifting devices, hammers etc.
The following are not allowed:
1. Any kind of inflammable weapons.
2. Any pressurised system using inflammable gases using a pressure above 12bar. Participants should be able to indicate pressure used in the system via temporarily attachable pressure gauge. 

Judging criteria: The points will be based on aggression, attacking skills, control and strategy of the participating team. In no way must one harm the arena. This will lead to direct disqualification. 


Mail in your abstract, bot pictures and working video of the bot before 8th October, to containing all your team information, team name and college details to be shortlisted. 
** Dimensions of the Actual Arena can be different during the event. 
** Decision of team Robodarshan shall be final and abiding in all cases
** Please fill "THE LETTER OF CONSENT" given in the problem statement