-Semi-Autonomous Robotics Event


The year is 2050. Human beings are shifting to an uninhabited planet XB6508 in the Orkion Galaxy.  You are the captain of Spaceship Earth. Your spaceship suddenly starts reporting problems and you are forced to make an emergency landing on planet Zory, an Alien Planet having Technology to repair your spaceship. You, and your three subordinates launch your scouting tank to reach the nearest city capable of helping you. This high-tech planet has a line connecting all cities which you need to follow. But some parts of the line have been destroyed due to foreign invasions. All you need to do is reach the city safely and save rest of humanity. 


Build a line follower also capable of going through two parallel walls on facing a long line break.

Team Specifications and Rules

1. Team to consist of maximum Four (4) members.
2. The candidates may or may not be from same college.
3. No same person can be in two/more teams of same event.
4. Teams will be provided with standard 220V 50Hz Standard AC supply.
5. Damaging the arena will lead to immediate disqualification.
6. Decision of Team Robodarshan will be final and abiding. 

Robot Specifications

1. Bot should fit in a 25cm X 25cm X 25cm box.
2. Your Bot should be capable of following a line on a contrast environment.
3. Your Bot should also have capabilities for going in between parallel turning walls for some distance.

Arena & Event Description

1. The arena will have line following parts accompanied by tracks to be covered by parallel wall traversing (for second round).
2. First Round on: 13th October and Second Rounds on: 14th and 15th October.
3. Width of line: 3cm.
4. From the starting point the arena will have four levels consisting of wall follow and line control. Completion of which will fetch points.
5. Points for each level covered to be disclosed on Competition Day.
6. Actual arena to be disclosed on Event Day.
Figure - 1

Various Parts of the Arena

Figure - 2


ARANI: 9433060664
KRISHANU: 9674629481 
** Decisions of team Robodarshan will be final and abiding in all cases.