It’s 1300 AD.

Alauddin Khilji is on a mission to conquer all the Rajput territories, and you’re his trusted General.
One by one, you must defeat the four Rajput Kingdoms that resist his charge. Fire your ammunitions and destroy them while there’s time.

The given image of the arena is a representative image. Colors and scale might vary.


The arena consists of colored shapes on black background. The bot has to traverse the arena and stop on the colored shapes in a given sequence. After stopping the bot is required to blink an LED and finally return to the starting point.

  • A number of colored shapes will be provided on the arena, of which only 4 will have to be covered during the run
  • The bot must start from and finish at the Start region
  • An LED must be blinked after reaching every shape. The number of times the LED will blink corresponds to the serial number of the particular color provided at the beginning.
  • Finally, when all the four circles are covered, the bot has to return to the starting area.


Maximum Team Size: 5

  • Bot specifications:
  • Dimensions: 20x20x20 (10% tolerance)
  • Standard markers will be provided to the participants, but you can create your own markers.
  • Standard marker provided will be 2 squares of 20x10. The colors will be ORANGE and PURPLE.
  • Maximum Potential Difference: 24V
  • Standard Power supply of 220V, 50Hz AC will be provided. If any other power supply is required for your bots, you must arrange it yourselves.
  • The circles will be of 10 cm diameter
  • 15 minutes time will be given for calibration in the main arena.
  • The color sequence provided will be different for each team, and will be given before the run starts.
  • Decision of Team Robodarshan will be final.
  • Live video feed of the arena will be given through overhead webcam (Logitech C310)
  • Run Time : 8min

Contact Information

Suprotik Dey (8334826685)
Arka Mal (8334068330)
Rupkatha Hira (8296279777)