IIEST Shibpur

IIEST Shibpur, formerly BESU, stands as a distinguished technical institute in Shibpur, West Bengal, India, with a legacy dating back to 1856. Recognized for academic excellence and a commitment to engineering education, the institution boasts modern facilities and a renowned faculty, making it a premier choice for aspiring engineers.

About Us


Robodarshan, the robotic society of IIEST Shibpur, is a dynamic hub for enthusiasts passionate about robotics and automation. Established to foster innovation and hands-on learning, Robodarshan provides a platform for students to explore cutting-edge technologies. With a dedicated focus on nurturing skills in robotics, the society engages members through workshops, competitions, and collaborative projects.

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Our Activities


Weekly sessions on advanced topics related to robotics and IOT. Exposure to high quality materials and hands-on experience in every session.


Workshops conducted after every month, to familiarize everyone with the latest equipment and the technologies available.


Robocon and Automation is conducted every year with a vision to introduce young minds to the Indian robotics community and for the whole India to come and participate.


Innovative project ideas are also supported and nurtured in order to provide a stage for the ideas. Many innovative projects are still ongoing under Robodarshan banner.