Forget landlocked rumbles and tire-screeching clashes! Are you ready to witness air-borne anarchy, where physics bend to the will of your ingenuity? Brace yourselves for the AeroCraft, a competition where lightweight hovercrafts clash in an arena suspended in mid-air! Step into a world where your engineering prowess and creativity take center stage. Forget traditional competitions, this is a high-flying spectacle where your hovercraft becomes the ultimate contender. Craft it to perfection, infuse it with cutting-edge technology, and let it glide into the arena with style. Immerse yourself in the challenge of creating the swiftest, most agile hovercraft, ready to face off against other ingenious participants. So, are you ready to elevate the hovercraft game?

Team Specification

  1. All team members should be student of IIEST Shibpur. Physical ID cards are to be presented for verification.
  2. A team can consist of 3 or 4 members, each team must consist of unique members.
  3. A maximum of 3 persons will be permitted in the arena during the run.