Death Race

The year is 2142. This year, the Syndicate has thrown down a gauntlet: build a robot capable of navigating the perilous Circuit of Broken Gears. A labyrinthine network of salvaged machinery, riddled with malfunctioning turrets, collapsing platforms, and hungry plasma vents. The challenge? Not just to survive, but to collect the most Cogs of Ingenuity hidden within the Circuit's depths. But beware, the Syndicate is a competitive bunch. Rival engineers will unleash their own metallic beasts, ready to crush, disable, and steal your hard-earned Cogs. Cunning, strategy, and a touch of robotic mayhem will be your allies in this race against time and scrap metal.

Team Specification

  1. All team members should be student of IIEST Shibpur. Physical ID cards are to be presented for verification.
  2. A team can consist of 3 or 4 members, each team must consist of unique members.
  3. For each round, only one person can control the bot
  4. One person can represent only one team. One bot can be registered for only one team.
  5. Specific time slots will be given to each team for all rounds. Failure to be present at given time will lead to disqualification.